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Nose Aesthetics

If we talk about the nose structure; Our nose consists of a bone pyramid surrounding the septum wall formed by the fusion of bone and cartilage structure. Problems arising from this bone pyramid or the cartilage roof attached to it cause deformities in our patients. While these problems occur, there may be problems in the internal cartilage and bone wall, as well as visual impairment without any problem in breathing.

In my own surgical practice, I file the bone roof with the Microtur method. I use Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery for lateral bone incisions.

Of course, the anatomy of the nose does not end with the bone and cartilage structure, there are also the nasal meats, our functional organs that clean the microbes that heat the air we take. Although the nasal meats have very important tasks, they can disrupt our breathing, especially in allergic patients. We solve this problem with the Radiofrequency Device during the surgery.