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Op. Dr.
Deniz Korkmaz

Hello, I am Deniz Korkmaz. I shaped my career as a surgeon specialising in rhinoplasty. I took my first steps in Malatya and completed my medical education at Istanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine. My intense interest in facial aesthetics and rhinoplasty led me to specialise in Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital. During my specialisation process, which I successfully completed, I gained in-depth knowledge and experience in facial aesthetics.

Today, I am proud to serve in the field of facial aesthetic surgery in my clinic in Kadıköy. I combine my expertise in rhinoplasty with the latest techniques and offer personalised solutions for each patient. I would like to thank my family, teachers and experienced colleagues who contributed to my journey.

My career shaped by experience and passion, I am here to make your facial aesthetic goals come true. I would be happy to welcome you to achieve the safe, authentic and aesthetic results you need.

Consultancy and Evaluation

01. Consultancy and Evaluation

The first step in your rhinoplasty journey is to consult with a specialist and share your individual goals and expectations. Our specialist will work with you to achieve the best result suitable for your facial structure and will explain the possible results and enable you to make the right decision.

Customised Planning

02. Customised Planning

In the next step, the most appropriate surgical techniques and treatment plans for you will be determined. Understanding that there is no "uniform" approach in rhinoplasty, a plan specific to you will be created.

Surgical Day and Recovery

03. Surgical Day and Recovery

When the day of surgery arrives, our specialist surgeon will perform the operation with his/her experience and expertise. In the postoperative period, our healthcare team will support you to make your recovery comfortable and safe.

Controls and Monitoring

04. Controls and Monitoring

In the postoperative period, regular check-ups will be planned and your surgeon will follow your progress. At each check-up, your healing process is evaluated and your treatment plan is updated when necessary.

Visibility of Results

05. Visibility of Results

When your healing process is complete, your rhinoplasty results begin to become apparent. At this stage, you will be happy to see how effective your surgeon's skills and your specific planning are.

Long-term Support and Communication

06. Long-term Support and Communication

We are here for your health and satisfaction. Our contact line is always open to protect your results and help you with any questions or concerns. When you are happy, we are happy.

Healthy and Aesthetic Noses

During the first examination before rhinoplasty, your nose structure is examined in detail and your specialist explains in detail the methods that can be applied to you and the results you will obtain after the aesthetic operation. Rediscover yourself by designing a nose that is most suitable for your bone structure. Fascinate everyone around you with your brand new and impressive looking nose!

Beauty Beyond Time with Technology in Rhinoplasty

In order to protect and improve the health of my patients at the highest level, I adopt the latest technologies in rhinoplasty applications. I am here to achieve natural and satisfaction-guaranteed results with our unique approach that combines aesthetics and function.

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